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    HDLP 9.1 and Windows 7 Snipping tool




      We discovered some interesting thing.


      For example. We have some documents that marked with special tag (DenyAll).

      Also we have some correctly working protection rules which blocks all standart operations (print screen, e-mail sending, web posting, printing, copy+paste)  with documents that marked with tag DenyAll.


      Windows 7 has built-in utility Sniping tool that also allows to capture screen shot, snip of any object on your screen, and then annotate, save, or share the image.


      If we try to make sreen shot  of open document that marked with tag DenyAll by pressing PrintScreen key on keyboard we get notification message from HDLP about blocking this operation. It's ok.


      Now we use Sniping tool to make screenshot and save results to graphic file. File, that we created, doesn't have any tags and we can do with it whatever we like.




      How we can block this actions?