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      My antivirus gets crashed after every 6hrs


      The error i get is



      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name:          APPCRASH

        Application Name:          mcagent.exe

        Application Version:          11.0.644.0

        Application Timestamp:          4ecc1f77

        Fault Module Name:          mcupdshm.dll

        Fault Module Version:          11.0.630.0

        Fault Module Timestamp:          4e85ae96

        Exception Code:          c0000005

        Exception Offset:          00000000000086cc

        OS Version:          6.1.7601.

        Locale ID:          1033

        Additional Information 1:          bac7

        Additional Information 2:          bac70ce1e5599fc8c3a95df28fab6d7b

        Additional Information 3:          7149

        Additional Information 4:          71499edfdc5c1699a3cebac4cb27483a



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      While crashing it makes my laptop lag like hell. SO i have to restart my laptop using the shutdown button because the cursour doesnt move.. Or it moves bit bit and doesnt response fast.

      My antivirus doesnt gets update.

      It doesnt turn off the Firewall and also the real time scanning .


      I have reinstalled the antivirus but no use. Its still the same


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          Hi lakshesh,


          Please check the below and get back to us ;


          Open Internet explorer – Click on Tools – Click on Windows Update and install any available update from the site.

          MVT is an automated tool that would fix majority of the issues with McAfee software ; so please run MVT from here : http://mvt.mcafee.com and provide us with the session id.


          Additionally, please check for Updates in McAfee , right click on the M icon on the system tray and select Check for Updates

          After the updates completes, try to run a Full Scan in McAfee and check if it detects any threats.


          Please reply back with the status of the above along with your Operating system : Win XP/Vista/ Win 7 ?





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            Im using windows 7.

            My win7 is up to date till now.



            I was getting BSOD error in every 2-3 min when i start  my laptop.

            The error was 0X0000003b = Software conflict error


            So i just now formated and reinstalled the Mcafee.

            And now its working fine .

            If i get this error again i will again create a new post.

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              Great to know that you are ok now,  so you can mark the thread Correct Answer and get back if any issues.