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    Mailrelay infront of MEG7




      I am planning to replace an Webwasher SME250 appliance.

      In Webwasher I could configure antispam to ignore/trust the mailrelay that relays incoming mails to the webwasher.


      How about meg7? Do I need incoming mails to be transmited directly to the meg7 appliance?

      Or is it a problem, if there is a mailrelay infront of the meg7, that will receive all incoming mails, before redirecting them to the meg7.


      I am asking because auf the spam filter capabilities / results, as the source ip address will always be the mailrelay server infront.

      So GTI will not be able to filter spam, will it?


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          MEG 7 is quite configurable. You can turn off nearly all features in policy if need be (antispam among them), but it might beg the question of why bothering having a MEG7 at all.  Then again, I'm sure there are reasons.

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            I have yet to look at MEG7 in detail, but I have been lead to understand that MEG7 borrows heavily from the SMTP functionality built into the old EWS 5.x solution.


            If this is so then I believe the answer to your question is likely to be yes.


            In the EWS Email policy config it can be found lurking in the anti-spam section


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              Regis - your question isn't as crazy as it sounds. But as someone who works with customers running McAfee Firewall Enterprise a number of them still use the embedded sendmail servers to provide an extra layer of SMTP protection - as it can perform a reputation-based decision at the basic SMTP connection (before the message is delivered and therefore taking some of the load off of the anti-spam engine on the MEG appliance) and it will also perform basic anti-relaying and RFC conformity checks.



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                thank you for your answers.

                The reason I am asking this is, I have a customer running the webwascher SME250 appliances. We want to replace this appliance by web gatway 7 and email gateway 7.

                The customer has a internet provider, serving mail relay functionality, which receives all emails for the customer before relaying them to the customers webwasher sme250 appliance.

                Three years ago, as I implemented the webwasher I had to adjust the webwasher not to check the last smtp server ip-adresse because it will always be the ip-address of the providers mail relay server.


                So my question is, if a mailrelay device infront of a mail gateway 7 is a big problem regarding spam functionality?

                Or if spam detection is working fine even with a mail relay infront.

                The internet provider does not do any spam filtering.


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                  Based on my previous assumption (with MEG7 being heavily influnced by the SMTP elements of the old EWS 5.x product), I have just opened the adminsitration guide for MEG7 and searched for "behind an MTA".


                  Sure enough, it is mentioned on p146:-




                  Set the corresponding value to 1 and this should then ignore the most recent hop (the ISP service) and will then judge the reputation, based on the next set of values in the SMTP header.


                  As previously stated I haven't actually worked with MEG7 as yet, but I have customers of my own running EWS 5.6 and at least one of them is using this function and it does exactly what it says. So it looks like you are good to go.



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                    Hi Phil,


                    thank you a lot for your answer.


                    -Best Regards