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    Blocking Agent Install


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to create an agent policy within ePO 4.5.5 which blocks installing the agent on certain machines, defined by machine name.


      We have two Xen master machines, which keeps pulling the agent down and I'm worried any dynamic machines spawned from that will also pull the agent down, so I wanted to get the agent blocked on the 2 master machines by setting a policy within ePO.


      The reason for this, is we are getting McAfee MOVE shortly for our Xen virtual machines, and as they are dynamic and not static machines, it will generate a new machine ID thus making numbers and management in ePO nigh on impossible, as ePO would recognise it as a new machine, so the MOVE software seems to be a good solution to what we need.


      Any suggestions or tips?  Tried a couple of different things but not had any success so far.