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    McAfee Update Tasks

      Hi All


      I have an issue with our clients receiving updates if they are  not connected to the corporate network and as I have recently inherited the role of EPO admin im unsure how to get around this

      and was hoping for some tips.


      Our environment is basically EPO 4.5.5 with a mixture of agents on 4.5/4.6 and VSE 8.7 all going thru our proxy to get their updates on the LAN/WAN.

      We have agent policies specifying which repositries clients should go to first before going out to mcafee to check for updates.

      This works fine when clients are connected via LAN, 3G or VPN as all traffic is routed thru our proxy.


      Unfortunately our users have local admin access so they use their laptops at home to connect to the internet for 'anything' just by removing proxy settings. Obviously during this time

      they cant get DAT updates as the system cant see the proxy server as specified in the repository policy. (Logs show Unable to find valid repository Update Failed)


      Ideally i would like to setup two update tasks or repository policies where systems will use the exisitng repository policy to check for updates and then a second task or repository policy  to check only the mcafee site without going thru the proxy.


      Is this possible? Can clients have two repositry policies configured differently to check for updates?


      Or is there another way i can get around this?



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          One solution might be to set the Agents to detect and use IE proxy settings and also add the McAfee http repositories into IE proxy exceptions.

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            Hi Tristan


            I came accross  the proxy settings yesterday arvo so i tested this but because it was checking 5 repositories before going out to McAfee http over an ADSL 1 test line it appeared like it going was failing. I tested again this morning and after about 25 minutes it was successfull. I also tested this by disabling the LAN repositories and using McAfee http only and this took about 5 minutes.


            Appreciate your responce