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    Laptop Restarts after loading Authentication database file (.SDB)

      Hi McAfee Team,



      We have a D630 laptop which Safeboot MBR has been rewritten by windows, our options is to restore the drive's EEPC MBR or just directly decrypt it.


      Due to this scenario, we need to use an external admin database file (.SDB) to Authenticate the machine encrypted drive and restore or possibly decrypt it directly.

      We have exported the machine's SDB file and load it to safetech for authentication, however everytime the file is loaded to safetech the system would just reboot automatically.


      We also tried using other media such as thumbdrives and floppy disks but same thing happened. It just reboot the machine everytime we load the database file.

      We also tried re-exporting the SDB file from the admin console just to make sure that it is not corrupted but same thing also happen.


      On a good machine with good EEPC MBR, authentication to the host drive is working but when an SDB is loaded on it, it reboots.



      We're currently using EEPC 5.2.5 FIPS encryption