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    I can't locate 'unwanted detected program' and no scanner details.



      McAfee's picked up a potentionally unwanted program, which I believe was 'Adware-Hotbar.d' in a file named something like 'Unconfirmed 33720.crdownload' in MY DOCUMENTS/DOWNLOAD directory. I instructed the program to delete or quarantine the file. I recieved a message in return that McAfee's couldn't delete the program and recommended that I uninstall the program. I can find no files or programs anywhere with the references given. The scanner didn't quarantine it. I ran a scan and I get a message that one problem was found but no detailed information from McAfees about the program. Any suggestions?


      Thank You,

      Dan McWilliams


      Ok, now it's picking up a similair program in



      Process Description: GOOGLE CHROME



      I can't locate either of these programs of files and the issues are unresolved by McAfee.




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          crdownload was the clue : even before I saw your edit I was going to say, it's a Chrome download.


          In Chrome click on the spanner/wrench and select Downloads. See what shows up in the list. I suppose the exe file could have the Hidden attribute set if you can't see it in a normal search, but Chrome should remember having downloaded it. Then open the folder, select Tools->Folder Options-->View and click on Show Hideen Files and Folders. If it's there (ie if McAfee hasn't been able to remove it and quarantine it) try deleting it.


          "crdownload" is the name Chrome gives to an ongoing download. So some download hasn't completed properly.


          If in doubt, uninstall and reinstall Chrome. That should fix it.

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            Thanks, you were right on target. I confused it at fr4ist because it seemed to be a moving target.The attribute was 'hidden' . Once I changed the attributes and ran the scan again, the scanner was able to detect and quarantine it. Now I am going to try to identify why Chrome trys to continue to d/l this.



            Daniel McWilliams