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    Scheduled Scan....continuing failure

      OK, since August 2011 my computer has failed 80%  of the time (or more) to perform the "scheduled scan" anywhere near the set time.


      Task Scheduler enabled and automatic

      Windows Vista Home Basic SP2

      HP Pentium 4 3.2Ghz, 4GB Ram

      McAfee Total Protection (v11)

      "Use minimal resources"= OFF

      Use Firefox/Thunderbird...not fond at all of IE


      Set to scan 2300hrs (11P) on Thursday (I work 2300-0700). Only user of this computer.

      I close ALL programs before leaving 2200-2215 Thursday night (have even cold rebooted)..I disconnect the external hard drives since if it attempts to scan that it takes as long as a day. Task manager confirms no programs running (processes yes)

      If it didn't run somewhere in the 8 hours after it was scheduled it will always say in the report "Next Scheduled scan at XXXX (usually 2 minutes later than the report was generated). Today it says "Last scan 3/15, next scan 3/28"

      I reset it a week or so ago to Wednesday 11P....The scan kicked in while I was on the system which the last time I checked was MONDAY.


      So what miracle is currently being offered for a fix? (I have asked this before). Automatic (used to loyal) subscriber on ALL the family PC's for over 5 years.



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          Hi hesterg,

          Apologize for the inconvenience caused here, requesting you to try the below last step so as we could escalate this appropriately and get this addresses :



          Please try to schedule a new task using task scheduler and check if it initiates !

          Note : If Task scheduler fails to start the task, this issue might be correlative


          Create a new user account in windows : (with Admin rights) and then try to schedule a scan in that account and check if it starts ?


          Moreover , as you know When the scheduled time for a scan occurs, McAfee SecurityCenter begins to monitor your computer for  activity. If no keyboard or mouse activity occurs for 10 minutes, SecurityCenter then monitors for CPU usage. If CPU usage remains under 10% for 10 seconds, the scheduled scan will begin.




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            McAfee`s Scheduled scan has not worked on many peoples computers for a very long time.You may get lucky in fixing It but I doubt it.As You can see on the right of this topic More like this.This is just another Issue that has been going on for years.So unless you get Lucky or dont mind doing manual scans.I doubt It will get fixed.Not sure what has Happened over at Mcafee over the last few years.But I know I am Dropping my Last paid years subscription Just out of shear horror of the 2012 release alone.LOL Also after all of the time with registry hacks,Bad updates,Hidden files & other time consuming fun & games.Not my Idea of  worry free software.Not to mention that their detection rate as average & cleanup below average.After years of playing the Mcafee game I`m out.Mcafee can keep my money for my last year & I will buy something that at least Rolls out fixes In a timely fashion & protects bettor.Should have taken the advice given to me long ago.Just not a big fan of paying for something you don`t recieve.Adios Mcafee!!!!

            Here is 1 Link https://community.mcafee.com/thread/37881?start=0&tstart=0

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              I recently upgraded to McAfee's Total Protection when it was time to renew and I had 3 issues that McAfee's Tier 2 tech Nysal was finally able to fix. He was able to fix the: 1)constant restart after update, 2)scheduled scan not wanting to scan and the one or 2 times that the scheduled scan did work,3) the pop-up window that said McAfee Security Center has stopped working. He did a remote session and ended up having to completely uninstalling all files, history and registry for McAfee and reinstalled the Total Protection. This was all done on 4/9/12 and has been working correctly all week.  I am using CCleaner and found out that you can not use the registry cleaner unless you exclude everything that McAfee uses and also uncheck it from Applications. Nysal was the only tech out of 4 that was finally able to fix the problems. The 3 tech even told me that the problem with the constant restart afte update was Normal. If anybody is still having the same problems I had then call the tech line and ask for Nysal and let him do a remote session....make sure you are able to allow him at least an hour if he needs to the same things he had to do inorder to fix mine.


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                Over the years we Moderators have seen that registry cleaners are the culprit in many instances where McAfee (and other) software starts to malfunction.   I always counsel people against using them.   Their nebulous benefits are more than outweighed by their disadvantages.


                Windows itself has all the tools you need to clean up the system already built-in.


                Regarding the subject of the original post, that issue is known and is due to the scan engine deferring to CPU activity but was partially fixed in a recent update and is supposed to be totally fixed in the newest engine that will be released with the version 12 of the SecurityCenter, however, Technical Support do have workarounds so please contact them.


                The constant restart issue is also known and is fixable by Technical Support.


                Neither of these problems are helped by (and the second one could even be caused by) the use of registry cleaners.


                Dinz can answer these questions better than I, however.
















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                  The weird thing was that I had been using CCleaner for years and never had an issue. I was using the  McAfee Security Center that came with my Dell for 15 months before  I upgraded/renewed to McAfee  Total Protection and never had an issue with CCleaner running  it 3-4 times a week. But I know that they keep adding more things it will clean with every update that comes out....so you have to watch your settings.

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                    It's like another well-known one suddenly decided to wipe my network adapter off the face of the Earth for no apparent reason other than it regarded it as 'unnecessary'.  Ever since then  and as it was the last of several strange results I'd experienced using it, I've avoided them like the plague.


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                      The pop-up window saying McAfee Security Center stopped working, came back after being gone for 8 days. I had excluded all registry issues that showed up and didn't delete any. I also had unchecked McAfee in the Applications  and then ran the cleaner. Later that night the pop-up showd up again. McAfee does not like CCleaner at all and I will only keep it to disable start ups from now on or at least untill McAfee fixes their problem. At first I thought the pop-up came during the start of a scheduled scan...but it wasn't....Then I thought it was happening during an update...but it wasn't. It seems to happen about the same times every night or early morning.

                      10:29pm..11:47pm..12:25am...10:22pm...12:21am..11:47pm...11:49pm...12:23am   There is a pattern. I even ran an update at 11:27pm one night, with the next update at 4:23am and the scan wasn't until 1:00am.....then the next morning when I got on it showed that the APPCrash happened at 11:47pm. I just spent 30 minutes trying to tell a tier 1 tech what was going on and to just take my phone # for a call back from Nysal ( Tier 2 Tech) tomorrow morning. Hopefully he won't have to delete all the McAfee registry again.....On a good note..Updates and scheduled scans are still working correctly, so far.


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                        That's too bad, let's hope he can fix it.

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                          Looks like they , Tier 2 Techs, finally got rid of that pop-up window...'McAfee Security Center has stopped working"....From what I could tell the only thing he really did was uninstall IE 9. I don't remember when I updated from 8 to 9 but I thought it was after it was a Beta version. He told me it was the issue but I could reinstall it if I wanted to. I think I'll stay with IE 8 for now.