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    Thunderbird - McAfee problem



      I'm not sure this is the right discussion group but here goes ...


      I'm using Thunderbird 11.0 and it is configured to download emails from several webmail accounts. This has worked without problems for a very long time. However, suddenly, for just one of these accounts, it has started to repeatedly download the same message (which I'll call message X) in place of any messages on the webmail server. So if the server has messages A, B and C waiting to be downloaded, then I receive three copies of X in their place, and A, B and C then appear in the Trash can of the webmail account. Message X, by the way, was a message sent on 16 March and it no longer exists on the webmail server, in either the Inbox or the Trash Can, so I've no idea where Thunderbird dredges it up from.


      I'm also running McAfee Security Centre 11.0.654 with McAfee Virus Scan 15.0.294 (these are part of a package called BT NetProtect Plus provided by my ISP which I've used for a long time with Thunderbird). If I temporarily disable real-time scanning, then the problem disappears and Thunderbird correctly downloads any messages on the webmail server. However, once real-time scanning is restarted, then Thunderbird reverts to downloading a copy of message X for each message on the server.


      Has anyone experienced a similar problem and, more to the point, do they know how to fix it?


      I've also posted a similar message on a Mozilla forum in the hope of getting the Thunderbird perspective.


      Thanks, Roger

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