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    Configuring Internet Security V11



      I need to configure Mc Affee Internet Security (V 11.0) so that it never scans 2 of the folders on my PC.


      Is it possible to do this?


      If so how?


      Thank you.

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          Hi Wilfred,


          Hope you are using Consumer Version of McAfee ;


          Perform the following steps to exclude the file or folder .


          1. Double-click the M icon on your taskbar.
          2. Click Real-Time Scanning: On.
          3. Click Scheduled Scan settings.
          4. Click Excluded Files and Folders.
          5. Click either Add file or Add folder, as appropriate.
          6. Browse to the file or folder you previously identified. Highlight the file or folder name and click Open. The file or folder is now added to the Exclusion List and will not be scanned.




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            OK, Thanks