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    Checking in 8.8 with Patch 1 (repost) if 8.8 and patch already checked in



      One of the applications we use here has put in a UNC name in the Path enviroment variable. This stops Virusscan 8.8 upgrading from 8.7 until it's removed. I believe a repost of Virusscan 8.8 with Patch 1 now fixes this issue. My question is..


      I currently have 2313 workstations with and 202 workstations with (most of these have a UNC name in the path statement). At the moment I have checked in and patch 1 separately checked in. If I check in the repost of 8.8 that has patch 1 as part of it, will it reinstall on ALL the workstations are just update the 202 stuck on 8.7?