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    Error 92h and "Unable to find system partition"




      One of our laptops have crashed, and I'm trying to rescue some files from the disk, before replacement. I know for a fact that the disk is bad, so I'm just hoping to extract some files from it before it crashes completely.

      System is Safeboot 5.2 with Windows XP.


      I got the machine file from Safeboot Console and got Wintech and Safetech utils.


      When booting, I get Error 92h in Safeboot. I did an Emergency boot but I also get errors in Windows boot, so no luck.


      The best option would be to mount the partition in Wintech and just copy the files to another working disk. When I try that Wintech reports "No system disk found" or something like that.


      Any tips or pointers what I could do?

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