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    McAfee Online Backup Tray Icon Missing

      I recenlty needed to restore my Dell XPS400 computer to its original Windows XP configuration.  I reloaded my McAfee Internet Security subscription successfully.  However, I was missing shortcuts to McAfee Online Backup although all the files were present.  By clicking on MOBKconf.exe, I was able to configure the files for backup and McAfee Online Backup did backup my files.  However, I am still missing the tray icon for McAfee Online Backup.  How do I restore the tray icon?

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          For those who may be having the same problem, I found a partial fix to this problem.  Executing MOBKstat.exe does nothing UNTIL McAfee Online Backup performs a backup for the first time.  After the first backup, executing MOBKstat.exe displays the status window for the last backup (or attempted backup).  At the same time, the McAfee Online Backup tray icon is restored.  However, the tray icon can subsequently disappear into the "Past Items" notifications.  It may be brought back to an active icon by executing MOBKstat.exe again.