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    Deployment: HIPS 8 or VSE 8.8. patch 1?

      Hi Everyone,


      We are working upgrading our McAfee products and I have a question. Between these two, which do you think is a more urgent upgrade: HIPS 8 or VSE 8.8. patch 1?


      I am interested to hear what you have to say.




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          unless you are having issues with VSE 8.8 that require patch1 i would recommend the HIPS upgrade since there are a large number of improvements that you can start taking advantage of.  also if you are running HDLP 9.x there is a known incompatibility on systems that are running HDLP 9.x and VSE 8.8 Patch1 or HDLP 9.x and HIPS 8.  this incompatibility has been resolved through a hotfix that you can download from the product download site.