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    MBR "fixed"

      I am a latecomer to this problem, I've only gotten involved after it was totally broken.


      I've got a laptop with EPE.

      Windows stopped working - you could log in to EPE, but then the windows boot failed.

      I was told it complained about the "boot record", but not the MBR.

      My IT ran something to fix the MBR, I don't know if they did it from with in the encrypted environment or not.

      I suspect they just ran a recovery disk, and they overwrote the EPE MBR.

      Now it just comes up with a flashing cursor.


      This is where it came to me.


      Can EEPC Recovery Kit help this poor machine?

      That is, is there enough information elsewhere on the disk for EEPCRK to get what it needs to to decrypt it, given a valid login, etc.?


      Yes, my IT should be able to answer this, and should be able to recovery kit, etc.

      Unfortunately, my "real" IT is about 2000 miles away, and the local IT is who did this.