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    Deployment does not work

      Hi all,

      Having a few problems with deployment from ePo 4.0, deployment for 8.5 & 8.7

      I can select to enable deployment, run immediately, etc.

      When running a wake up on one of these agents, here is the outcome...

      15:16:26 Info Scheduler The task Deployment is modified
      15:16:26 Info Scheduler Added a new task Deployment to Scheduler's task list
      06 April 2009 15:16:26 Info Agent Agent finished Enforcing policies
      06 April 2009 15:16:26 Info Agent Next policy enforcement in 120 minutes
      06 April 2009 15:16:27 Info Scheduler Scheduler: Invoking task [Deployment]...
      06 April 2009 15:16:27 Info Scheduler Scheduler: Invoking task [Deployment]...

      However, this is as far as it goes, it will just keep repeating after checking back with ePo an hour later.

      Any ideas?

      This seems to be on all machines.

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          Laszlo G
          Is really "Deployment" the name of the task you created?
          I've seen some times an epo server migrated from a protection pilot with the "Deployment" task also migrated and that, of course, could never run.

          In any case try to disable your deployment task, wake-up the computer and see if it detects the task has been modified and then enable again the task and wake-up the computer to see if it runs the task or not.
          • 2. Resolved

            Thanks for the response.

            Unfortunately your suggestion did not work either.

            I have now re-created the task at a single node, and this has fixed the issue.

            Now to change the global deployment task... happy