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    Custom EETech CD for v6.x.x


      Has anyone successfully created one?


      I created one with v5.2.3 which worked flawless.  I have been trying to get one created for v6.1.2 for a few months now. 


      I got the EETech.exe to run with no issues (and the app works), however the fonts are not showing.  I have tried modifying the .pbf files over to .ttf (didn't work).  I also replaced them with the same font but in .ttf and modified the theme.xml to point to the .ttf fonts but no font still shows in the eetech software.


      I am curious if anyone else has gotten this to work.


      I am wanting to build a virtual environment that we can authorize/authenticate drives and use other troubleshooting tools on the drive without decrypting it.

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          why not just copy all the files from your (Working) Windows EETech machine into your WinPE image FONTS folder?

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            Hey Safeboot,


            I tried this as well.  When I spoke to a T2 and T3 EEPC tech at mcafee they told me to even copy all of the windows fonts over to the font folder in the virtual environment which should solve it but it didn't as well.  What is strange is I have gotten it to work within a DART environment.   The problem with DART is it doesn't allow me to build in custom plugins like combofix, malwareware/spyware tools, password reset tools, etc..


            I was trying to find a way to build it within a WINPE environment for all the default tools that come with WINPE (this way I can add my custom plugins as well).


            Still digging into it, I am sure I will figure it out eventually.

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              you have to use the english waik pakage then the fonts are displayed..

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                I am trying to integrate the EEtech plugin to UBCW4WIN and i got everything working except I have the blank buttons due to the missing font problem.

                Can anyone tell me which font exactly is missing?  I can manually add it in if I know which font it is?


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                  I've seen this if you're not using a USA OS as your source? But sorry, I don't know what font - it's something Windows decides on its own. I usually just copy them all across.

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                    I am using a USA source disk

                    UBCD4Win builds differently than BART (normally much simplier and easier) so I can't really change the way it builds, I can however add fonts as needed.


                    How could I go about finding out which font?  (asking in the manufacturers support forum seems like a logical way to obtain the information about a product)

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                      We don't use a "specific font" in the code - it's something Windows picks for us. My guess would be Tahoma and maybe FixedSys? Sorry - it's up to Windows.