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    Wrong unfavorable rating of my web


      Good moorning:


      I'm the owner of the site http://xuarez.comoj.com, it's a recent site and it's part of a research project of Valladolid University.


      If I check the URL in TrustedSource everything is ok as you can see:


      But if check the URL in SiteAdvisor I get a message telling the site is dangerous.


      The problem is in SiteAdvisor there's a confusion with a sited called comoj.com who had malicious soft in 2010 but nothing to see with my site: xuarez.comoj.com



      I tried to send a comment to http://www.siteadvisor.com/userfeedback.html and only fails. I tried to send an email to me support@siteadvisor.com and returns it as spam.


      There's no malicious software in my site and I'm not a spammer I'm a professor and siteadvisor is interfereing in our research project.


      Thank you for your attention