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    Unsupported Encryption Algorithm on RC 1024

      Hi all,

      My CEO got an OS failure on his laptop (Windows doesn't load anymore), the drive is healthy.


      I need to backup all his data, I don't care about fixing the problem, since I already provided a new laptop, so I can decrypt or just mount & browse the drive.

      We are a business unit of a large corporation, but we have a "stand-alone" SafeBoot 5.2 installation, so I'M the IT 


      My conditions are this:

      Defective Windows installation that doesn't load (BSOD after BMLoad.sys driver loading, also in safe mode). Safeboot login and password authentication works normally at boot.


      Safeboot version : 5.2.4

      Encryption: RC5 1024 - 12 rounds


      I tried SafeTech BartPE plugin, with the correct SbAlg (got from Safeboot 5.2.0 installation CD), but when I try to load the SDB file I get a "Unsupported Encryption Algorithm".

      The same happens also if I try to auth from SBFS (with a valid login)


      So now I'm stuck on this.


      Some suggestion?


      I just want to browse this drive and get documents off it



      Thank you all