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    VS 8.7 - mcshield refuses to start upon installation.

      I'm currently having a problem with a 2003 box while installing Virusscan 8.7. When the installtion gets to starting the mcshield service it fails. Agent 4.0 installs fine but can't install 8.7 from EPO so I tried this manual install.

      So far i've removed everything with the MCRT, deleted program files, temp files, reg keys but nothing I've tied so far will allow the 8.7 installation to progress past starting the McShield service.

      I have however been able to install 8.5 w/patch 5 that completed just fine but soon after installation completed mcshield stopped as did access protection and buffer overflow protection. I did suspect a virus, I have run the update and a full scan but the system comes back clean.

      The server runs windows update services and nothing else.
      Were using EPO 4.0 patch 1, Virusscan 8.7i, Agent 4 w/patch1.

      Another point that may or may not be relevent, I had to add our server that holds a share from where we deploy our agent to the trusted sites in internet options before it would install anything.

      thanks in advance.
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