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    Help- Site advisor not compatible with firefox 9 and above



      I am a user of McAfee which is provided by my internet provider SHAW in British Columbia.


      I have had many issues and program crashes due to an incompatibility issue with Mc Afee Site Advisor. I have  unistalled site advisor from my programs list, yet in Mc Afee it still listed it as installed under web protection box.

        Even though I had to back down to firefox 9 to have any relief from warning boxes, the add ons still list site advisor as an active add on and extension. Since I was still recieving error messages etc, I successfully was able to disable siteadvisor add ons and extension componets to get aq stable firefox. Keep in mind that site advisor is NOT listed in my installed programs list in my computer since I unistalled it there, yet site advisor seems to be very much installed, showing in the Mc Afee program itself as installed (  there is no unistall feature from inside the program though) and obviously being unistalled through control panel-programs and features had no affect other than to remove its name from the list since it keeps reinstalling itself into any newly installed version of firefox I tried.


      I am now for the moment stable in firefox with the disabled addon =/extension of site advisor. This is the first version backing down from firefox 11 that became stable in the same circumstances.


      I am wondering how to REALLY unistall site advisor from the Mc Afee program and firefox program  OR a patch to solve the incompatibility errors for firefox 9 and above.


      thank you  Karen