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    Cannot delete tag


      I'm trying to delete some tags that I no longer use. The don't have any systems assigned to them in ePO when I look at the tag criteria, but I get "You have selected a tag that is alredy in use" if I try to delete the tag. In use where? Is there any way to find where it's used  and be able to delete these tags?

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          Just a guess, but do you have any sorting rules or automatic responses that use these tags?


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            Neither, but I think this tag was used in a few queries. If this is what is causing it, do you know of an easy way to search through all the queries for the use of this tag without having to check through all 130 queries?

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              Within the DB, look at table dbo.orionQuery.


              You can add a WHERE clause that includes the tag you are looking for, like: WHERE COnditionURI LIKE '%TAG%'


              Not sure that a query would make a tag undeletable though. I have not run across this issue and I have created and deleted plenty of tags over time.



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                I`ve had this issue...and the tag was in fact used...


                If the tag is part of a task assignment (like "only send job to computers WITH this tag", or "send this job to computers XYZ, but NOT computers with this tag")..then it won`t delete..


                It took me a while to open each and every task assignment, and sure enough, I found one place where the damn  tag was in fact used and once I removed it, it let me delete the tag...