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    New install of ePO V4.6 - Query???



      My first post so be gentle.......


      We currently have at my Organization an outdated ePO server (V4.0 with V4.0 Agents) on a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 Server, that hosts 275 PC's.  I have just created a VMWARE Virtual Server wth Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 & am looking at installing ePO V4.6 on it.  My question is: What would be the BEST and/or EASIEST way of configuring the new server with the config/policies & database from the old Server?  Can this be performed in a painless way or is best plan of attack to start again as tho it is a new install & re-present all of Active Directory to the new server for populating purposes?  Ideally, I would require all of the policies that I have created for particular system applications to be carried over to the new ePO Server so we do not encounter any nasty suprises when the new Server takes over????


      ANY assistance in this matter would be GREATLY appreciated.......Cheers!!!

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          I do it twice and the easiest way was:


          Install new ePO 4.6 with new name and new IP Address because if you will use same DB that mean you should have same existing version on both servers with same patch which mean you need to upgrade existing ePO 4.0 on old server before going to new server.




          Install new ePO 4.6 on same time keep the old one some time to ensure every thing working fine without any probelm.


          you need to check in same AV to use old polices then you can upgrade it any time


          you can use new version from McAfee agent and deploy it on all machines