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    Prevent programs registering to autorun setting

      Hi All,

      Just wondering what exactly the rule below is for:

      Common Maximum Protection
      Prevent programs registering to autorun

      I'm trying to disable AutoRun fully given that a large protion of Viruses being detected on our machines seem to be coming from removable storage.

      I can disable Auto Play through GP and it works but as soon as someone double clicks the icon for the device in My Computer the autorun kicks in. What I want to do is fully disable AutoRun/ AutoPlay so when you insert a memory key or CD nothing happens, then if you double click the corresponding drive in My Computer it just opens/ explores the device, not run any autorun on it.

      Just wondering if the above setting is related to that or is it something else? I've tried enabling it but it doesn't stop autorun.

      Thanks for any info