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    Where are the logs? AKA Today in poor user interface design...

      Interface design, gotta love it.


      Using COX Security Suite / Powered by McAfee


      I'd like to see the firewall events and history to see if it's blocking something.


      So of course I go  to "Firewall History" and see that I have selected many things to log but that just says:


      "See your Firewall activity and which actions were recently taken on your PC: Learn More"


      Minor irritation, couldn't they put it here. Whatever, click the Learn More


      Learn more leads here --> http://goo.gl/jlRHu


      Aha, here's how you view events, right?


      View events


      When event logging is enabled, you can view information about incoming events, outgoing events, and attack detection events.

      1. From the Home Page, click Settings.

      2. Under McAfee Resources, click History and Logs.




      NOPE, Went to the home page (at least I assume they mean the button you go to when you press "Home" on the application").

      NO SETTINGS option

      None of the options presented has a "Settings" option within it


      So, what now? How do I view events?


      I already dug around in the application directory and there is a logs directory, which is empty except for a binary dat file labeled "Settings"


      Very cryptic.

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          Hah, one of the "more like this" had others with the exact same thing happening. One of those had the answer. Don't know why it didn't come up in my searches.


          Answer for anyone else looking is that the help files are for a different version and aren't going to help. Click on "Navigation" and look in there.


          *sigh* wish I had those 40 minutes back.


          zero/10 on interface design guys, the help should be blank before it points to the wrong place. Version dependent help or nothing!