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    Sharing asset reports

      Greetings, all!


      I searched the KB and couldn't find anything about this.  I am trying to find a way to view other user's asset reports as a non-administrative user.  Currently, this doesn't seem possible.  I can generate an asset report as an administrator and other administrative users can see the report.  However, non-administrators cannot see this report, and non-administrators cannot view other non-administrative user's reports.


      When I go to Reports > View Asset Reports, in the bottom half of the screen in the Completed Reports section the Asset Reports radio button is selected, and it does say "View another user's template reports:" but the dropdown to select other users is not available.



      Here's a screenshot from an administrative user.  As you can see, there are several other users with reports.  I've blurred out the usernames.




      Is it possible for non-admins to view other non-admins' asset reports, or for me to create an asset report for the various non-admin users to use?