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    Audit Engine Content questions


      ePO 4.6.1

      VSE 8.8, 8.7, and lingering 8.5

      HIPS 8

      Audit Engine Content 1014


      In my Product Deployment Dashboard, I am displaying the McAfee Labs Threat Advisory Monitor. This monitor shows that all my checked in products are up to date with the exception of Audit Engine Content which is stuck at 1014. The latest available is 1076 at this moment.


      My question is, what the heck is Audit Engine Content, and why won't it update? Can someone give me a simple definition, theory of ops, and if I should be concerned? I have searched through the Product Guide, Installation Guide, McAfee Communities, Support Portal and even Google but have not found a  clean, simple description. I have not talked to McAfee support yet; I thought I'd throw it out here first before I take up a chat with support. I mean, why keep a secret like this to myself?


      Thanks all.