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    Installation Fails on Server 2008



      I'm trying to install McAfee VirusScan Enterprise on Server 2008 r2.  After answering all the questions about the install type, I get an error message that says...


      "The system cannot open the device or file specified."


      When I hit 'retry', nothing happens, and a cancel returns...


      Error 2755.Server returned unexpected error 110 attempting to install package <path>\VSE880.MSI


      Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get around this?  The only thing I've found is to give 'everybody' full access to the HD, but I'm not about to do that because of security reasons.



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          wiz561, when you start the install, have you tried to run as Administrator?  Try logging on as administrator and then run the install.  also are you using VSE 8.8 with SP1 repost?  Do you use ePO?  If you use ePO I would suggest install the agent from the console first, thsn push out VSE 8.8.  the user you use in ePO needs to be a domain admin. 


          Hope this helps.

          Thanks Mike.

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            Well, I finally got it installed.  I received the installation from our help desk on a cd.  I downloaded the eval from the web site, and that installed just fine.  I uninstalled it, and then also noticed that the failing install's directory was 'encrypted'.  I decrypted it, reinstalled it, and the install went fine.


            Strange stuff...