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    MWG 7: Slow downloads from support.canon.de




      We have an application named ElektroDok (sic!) made by Canon, Germany in place.

      This application downloads (on demand) a bunch of PDF from http://support.canon.de/elektrodok/DatenTest.

      The files in question are about 100-200KB in size.


      What we experience now is that the download of each file takes up to a minute or more.

      Using the packet tracing tool and a local Wireshark shows that the download itself goes on in a timely manner.

      But after the last ACK was sent by the client, MWG sits there for up to 70 seconds before sending the FIN.


      Anyone has seen something similar?


      I am not sure who is to blame here. This piece of &%$ß of a software or MWG.



      And regards