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    Is this McAfee VS 8 GENUINE piece or not?!

      Good day!
      Recently I purchased relatively old PC and I have found some software in it, including McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0.
      How can I make sure that this McAfee is legal and genuine software?!
      Thank you for your support!

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          As to genuine, simply get an internet connection, RIGHT click on the McAfee shield in the lower right corner of the screen, then choose "Update Now". If all things are installed correctly and the program updates to the current definitions files, then you've got a full installation of the corporate version of VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i.. (You can also RIGHT click on the McAfee shield, choose "About VirusScan Enterprise", then tell us what you see. It should tell you the Scan engine version, DAT version, number of patches, etc.. The current patch number for VS 8.0i is Patch #16.)

          As far as "legal", since this is a "corporate" version of VS Enterprise and such corporate versions are primarily licensed to companies which pay for support of the product to McAfee on a yearly or contract basis, then private use is shaky unless you work for the company, or attend the university that provided the software, etc. If you aren't a company member, etc., then the continued use is against the McAfee EULA.. Although the program may continue to work and receive updates till the end of this year when the definitions will no longer be provided for the 8.0i version, ethically and legally, you probably shouldn't be using the product.

          Hope this helps.

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            It says:
            License type: licensed
            Buffer overflow protection definitions: 131
            Virus definitions: 5495
            Created on: 14 Jan 2009
            Scan engine: 5300
            Number of virus signatures in extra driver: none
            Names of viruses that extra driver can detect: none
            Patch versions: 10

            THANKS FOR HELP!
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              Looks genuine although the DATs are no longer current.. There were quite a few users that stayed at patch # 10. If you can select "Update Now" and the program updates to the current date and DAT number, then it's working.. (Confirm the update "repository is correct by opening the VirusScan Console from the McAfee icon, then click on "Tools-Edit AutuUpdate Repository List", then make sure the "NAIHttp" and "NAIFtp" options are CHECKED.)

              As to the other legal/ethical stuff, that's up to you.

              Hope this helps.