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    6653 DATs




      • Dat Version:6653
      • DAT Release Date:03/18/2012
      • Threats Detected:664113
      • New Detections:0
      • Enhanced Detections:0



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          Possibly related to the message i got on Friday


          -- ============================


          McAfee SNS Notice: Increased Incremental (.gem) Update Files for DAT Releases 6651 and 6652


          McAfee is making changes to reduce the overall DAT file size. As part of the changes, the incremental update today (66506651.gem) will be slightly larger than 1MB. The increase in incremental update size is necessary to distribute the required changes. The full zipped DAT file will be approximately 1.5MB smaller as part of this effort.

          We expect the update for tomorrow (March 17) to include a similar incremental file size increase with the 6652 DAT release.



          -- ============================


          Hopefully a McAfee employee might shed some light on it.

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            It just looks like a DAT update that didn't actually add anything new (0 new or enhanced.) Maybe unusual, but may also be a by-product of the DAT size reduction they are working on. Maybe they removed a bunch of ancient or never seen detections and they don't want to put in negative numbers? What was the previous threats detected count?