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    A question about Nvidia

      I just bought a new laptop, with an Nvidia gt540m card. When I first accesed the nvidia control panel for assigning what program should use the graphics card instead of the hd graphcs, mcafee deleted one of the files (Uninstall.exe). When I brought it back from the quarantine and rescaned the system everything checks out ok. When I try to work with the control pannel it's ok as well. Even manually scanning the file now shows no malware. My question is: what the hell happened and should I worry about it? Also, what do do to avoid such issues in the future? The only data I have on the issue are the ones found in mcafee's history. As I can't seem to find a way to copy/paste them, I'll try to type them in:


      Name of detection: Generic-FRAX!9F72110278FA (Trojan horse)

      File: C:\Uninstall.exe

      Process: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Control Panel Client\nvcplui.exe

      Process description: NVIDIA Control Panel Application, 3.5.756.0


      My system is Windows 7 HP 64bit

      The Nvidia driver version is: 268.30

      I've been running on Mcafee from the very start (first thing I did was to activate the antivirus) so I'm almost positive there is no virus there.


      Thanks for all the help,


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          I noticed that happening once a while back with another driver's installer/uninstaller.  Obviously in this case the detection was eventually suppressed.  This happens automatically sometimes and other times the Labs need a prod, see:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016


          I just updated my Nvidia graphics card drivers to 295.73 with no problems.

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            Thanks very much for clearing things up and for the link about submiting files

            If I could just take a bit more of Your time, I would like to ask one more thing. It's about the part at the very end of the post you gave me:


            The restore and trust feature used to be included in the home products and still is in the Enterprise/Business products - it has been reinstated in the 2011 consumer products (VirusScan 11 and up), in the scheduled and manual scan settings only but not in real-time scanning settings yet.

            So does that mean that if I turn of the real-time scan and run a manual scan on a file, mcafee will ask me wether I wish to add it to the trusted list? And if I do, will the real-time scanner ignore that file later on? Or will it still be throwing it into quarantine?


            Thanks again!


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              No, prior to running a manual or scheduled scan you have to exclude files and folders in the settings.   If something is suspect real-time scanning will have most likely already quarantined it anyway. 


              The only time I've ever know the recent versions ask first is when it's a possibly unwanted program as against a malicious file and then you can allow it, but that's a rare occurrence.


              Hence us campaigning to bring back the full exclusion process that we used to have.


              I guess this was born out of concern that certain people would purposely ignore malicious files, for whatever reason, thereby possibly endangering a wider number of people on the Internet.

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                Ok, thank You again for the info.


                As to bringing back the full exclusion process, well, in my case Mcafee's got something like 14 and a half months to do that (that's when my subscription is due), otherwise I'll probably be switching to something that gives me more control 


                Thanks again, regards!



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                  OK, we shall what happens.  Good luck.