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    PCpro AV review

      I have just seen the May 2012 issue of Pcpro magazine which has reveiws of all the popular AV software. McAfee Internet Security 2012 got hammered. To quote from the review "Sadly. McAfee's performance in our malware tests was dire. It allowed almost half of our malware samples to compromise our test system ..... On the basis of these reults you'd be better off picking any free option than gambling the security of your PC and personal data to McAfee."

      I have McAfee Security Centre which came with my Dell laptop and so far (touch wood!) I have had no problems. However, I assume that although the names are different, both packages use the same detection techniques. My first reaction is to dump McAfee and try something - anything! - else.

      Can anyone from McAfee comment on this?Are the tests that pcPro carried out valid?  I've not been able to find any relevant postings on this issue.

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          It depends who you read and nobody really knows what parameters they used except them.   Other reviews show McAfee to be as good or better than the competition.


          It boils down to whomever you are happy with as a user and always remember, you should never rely totally on a security suite to keep infection out.  A lot has to do with keeping Windows up to date and safe practices becuase no matter what you have protecting you there is always something new out there that could slip through.


          See my page here:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168

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            I take your point about nothing being perfect and I do make use of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and keep Windows (7 in my case) up to date. I will also be looking at some of the other packages you mention on your page, so thanks for that. However that doesn't deal with my main problem of how to trust a Security package which does so poorly against its competitors. Most of the others came close to or actually achieved 100% detection and that included the free ones. Only one, Webroot, at 59% came close to McAfee's 52%. It's that difference that I can't understand. I can't believe that the test software PCpro used discriminated so severly against McAfee. The review also refers to " McAfee's consistently weak results"

            I have three machines, all Dells, which were packaged with McAfee Security Centre and I am considering the purchase of two more. Up until now I would have happily have continued with McAfee but now I am not sure that I can afford to do so. I don't have the luxury of a large expensive IT department to test the security of my systems; neither can I run the risk of a malware attack - it could destroy my business. I am the closest thing to an ITexpert around here and that's not saying much! I therefore have to rely on what I see in reviews such as that in PCPro and right now that is telling me to go any supplier but McAfee. It all comes down to user confidence and I don't have much of that right now.

            Do the people at McAfee have any answer to this review?  Are they going to make any attempt to refute it?

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              Well there are other reviews that aren't as unfavourable so I would look up a few to compare.   I don't have the time to look right now as I'm backing up my machine.   Look for McAfee A/V comparitives or similar.

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                Well, I've looked at a number of other reviews and I can find none that give McAfee anything but a middle ranking. Only one or two were as scathing as PCPro, but nowhere does McAfee's offering compare well with the leaders in the field. In most cases it's way behind. If McAfee Security Centre had not come packaged with my laptops I would certainly not have gone out and bought it. So it's going to have to be "Goodbye McAfee. Hallo Kaspersky" (Having made sure that I set auto-renewal to 'off' in my McAfee account!)

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                  Well I guess the real measure would be the number of customers and I know McAfee's is in the 40-million or so and considering that and the fact that we only get a minority complaining here (or complimenting sometimes which is nice), it's not doing too badly.


                  Norton would be the nearest equivalent.   From reading their forums, they have their detractors too.