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    Scheduled scan time.

      My scheduled scan is set to every Friday at 4:00 AM. Every Friday I'm never on my laptop at 4:00 AM. Would this mean my laptop will never scans, or will it scan when I turn it on?


      Thanks, Joe.

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          OK what version of security centre if 11.* well Scheduled scan start when it sees teh CPU at less than 10% usage for 10 minutes straight. If it cannot get a 10Min period it will force a start after 2 hrs of trying. If you turn off the PC before then teh 2 hrs setting resets.


          Set scan for a time you will have the laptop on. Also I can instruct you as to how to force the scan to strt immediately on time if you wish. This issue fixed in 2012 beta version.

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            Hello Joe,


            You are exactly right!   If you set a scan at 4 AM in the morning and the PC was not ON by that time. Schedule scan will initiate a scan the next time the PC starts .  


            This is not an issue, this is by design,