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    Looking for content in a file


      Does foundstone has the possibility to look for a particular content inside a file. The question was ask during an eval of the product and some competition product does it but i dont think foundstone has that possibility. It's more in the realm of DLP style product and i dont see why a VA would do that but



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          Hi msimard,


          I've never seen any  MVM scripts (custom or otherwise) that do it.





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            MVM does have the ability, but it must be done through Custom FASL scripts as there is no place in the product to say "search all *.cfg files for text xxxx" .  As Cathy said, she hasn't seen it, it is probably due to problems with searching for text.  We had toyed with looking for specific text strings in documents after taking the FASL Language class.  But the length of time to do the search, dealing with scripting time outs, etc, we canned the idea.