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    WW Cant Download Large File




      Our users are not able to download this 212MB file with the proxy enabled from http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/technology/epp/downloads/rel ease/indigo/SR2/eclipse-jee-indigo-SR2-win32.zip. IE 8 download dialog box says 60+ hours at 1.13KB/Sec and the speed keeps decreasing. If you let it keep going it gets down to just a few bytes per sec. If we disable the proxy, it downloads in 20 minutes with no problem. I have added *.eclipse.org to our global whitelist but that doesnt help. There are really no other rules above our global whitelist that would be coming into play here. Is anyone else able to download this file behind the Mcafee Web Gateway?


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          this sounds like Data Trickling and no Progress Page. The problem is that MWG needs to scan the download before it can forward the content to the end user (I assume you have AV enabled). To do that MWG first needs to receive the whole file. Downloading and scanning takes some time, it's not a fast process,especially with big archives containing lots of small files.


          You can either use Progress Pages, where the end user will see a custom webpage containing a progress bar, so that there is an indication that something is going on.


          The other way is using Data Trickling, where MWG will already deliver a few bytes for each amount downloaded to the end user. This will prevent the browser from timing out, but the download seems really slow to the end user. When MWG has finished downloading and is now scanning, only very few data is submitted to the browser. So the end user has the impression that the download speed goes down to almost zero.

          Once MWG has finished scanning the rest of the file will be transferred as fast as possible. So with Data Trickling the speed and time estimation in your browser is not reliable.


          The download still works, it just takes longer because the whole archive will be unpacked and scanned.




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            Thanks for your reply dstraube. This did end up being data trickling.

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              By the way, the global whitelist didnt work because the download wasnt really from eclipse.org. The URL on that page points to another a server on another domain.

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                Dirk can you kinldy let me now how to enable or configure each option you mentioned
                Progress Page & Data Trickling

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                  Hello cestrada,


                  if you are using the default rules you will find the Progress Indication ruleset under Common Rules. Progress Indication is the rule group, below it you will fin the rules for Progress Pages and for Data Trickling.




                  You can also import the Rule Set from the Library, it's called Progress Indication.


                  Progress Pages will only work for normal browsers and can cause issues when MWG tries to send a progress page for embedded content like streaming for example, which obviously won't work.

                  Data Trickling will only be used without Progress Pages, that's why the rule is coming later in the ruleset. It will be skipped if the progress page rule triggers. You only want either progress pages or data trickling, never both. You only need them for bigger downloads that are filtered by MWG. Smaller objects that are scanned fast are not an issue.


                  Hope that helps a bit.