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    Site being marked as unsafe




      wickedtronics [dot] com


      I was recently informed by a few customers that my website is showing "red" or unsafe whenever a customer adds an item to their shopping cart and goes to checkout. The unsafe warning only happens when the customer adds an item to the shopping cart and is on the checkout page, which is obviously the most important page! All other pages show up as grey or untested.


      I have checked my site files, and contacted my host, and have found nothing that has been compromised. I also checked my SSL and made sure it is active.


      Any advise as to why this happens would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,


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          It is probably best to How To Contact SiteAdvisor and see what they can tell you.

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            I followed the user actions that you specified in your post and I see nothing at all wrong. The McAfee SiteAdvisor symbol remains grey even on the checkout page, and that's because your site is not yet tested.


            You didn't say whether the customers reporting a problem were already logged in at the time they arrived at the Checkout page. Possibly the page - which has a secure connection using https - may have some content which is delivered over a non-secure connection? That would not cause a Red SiteAdvisor icon to show, but would (in some browsers at least) show a warning somewhere on the addres bar.


            Your site is clean according to Sucuri, Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, &c.

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              Hello Jay,

              first of all, your website is green now: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/wickedtronics.com/

              We also looked into your issue indicating a warning at the shopping cart, but we are not able to reproduce this behaviour.

              Please follow up with us, if you are still seeing/hearing about this issue or if the green rating has solved this.

              Best regards,


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                Just an update,

                I contacted McAfee and they replied with the following:

                "We experienced a temporary issue yesterday.

                This issue affected www.wickedtronics.com, causing the temporary blocking of this site.

                The issue was addressed and resolved within hours.  The SiteAdvisor rating of this site is Green."


                Thank you to everyone that replied.