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    Transfer systems from ePO 4.5 to ePO 4.6

      I have just put online my ePO 4.6 server.  Now I need to move all the endpoints from the current ePO 4.5 server.   I want to migrate rather than upgrade so I can leave behind all the old junk accumlated in the ePO 4.5 system.


      I have gotten the transfer systems function to work with help from McAfee support.   However it appears that when you transfer a system all information unique to the individual system is lost.  Specifically any entries in Description is lost.  All manually assigned tags are lost.   All policy and task assignments that are made directly to the object are lost.


      I exported all tags from the ePO 4.5 system and imported them into the 4.6 system.  So the same tags exist in both places.


      All of the policies in the ePO 4.5 system have been exported and then imported into the ePO 4.6 system so the same policies with the same names exist in both places


      The old ePO 4.5 server has also been registered with the new ePO 4.6 server.  Thus the ePO 4.6 server has access into the database on the old ePO 4.5 server.


      If either the tags could be preserved or the policy assignments kept it would save me a done of work, and probably a lot mistakes and angry users.


      Should I expect to be losing all this information, or have I missed something?




      Herb Smith

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          It appears that getting a system to transfer from ePO 4.5 to ePO 4.6 was a matter of LUCK.   I have not been able to duplicate the task   I have been pouring over the Server.log on both the old ePO 4.5 system and the new ePO 4.6 system.   There is no sign the client machine every tries to contact the new ePO 4.6 server.   What I see is the old ePO 4.5 server sending a transfer sitelist.xml file.  Deleting the client machine from the ePO 4.5 system.   Then sending a props response.  Then seeing a whole series of messages typical of a new machine showing up in the ePO 4.5 system.  This corresponds with what I see in the ePO 4.5 console.  The object disappears.  Then shows up a few seconds latter back in its normal sort container.  But it has lost all tags,  and other info.  It looks like a new object in the tree.


          You can even see the machine number increment during this process.  Again a sign of new object being created. 


          This could be from a) bad mcafee code,  b)  misconfiguration on my part,  or c)  my server is so busy it is doing things out of sequence.   Does anyone have transfers from 4.5 to 4.6 working?  What kind of settings are you using.   What does your server.log look like for a successful transfer.




          Herb Smith



          Here are excerpts from the Server.log



          2012-03-15 14:00:52 X #6812 DAL      Executing: SELECT SiteListXml FROM EPOLeafNode INNER JOIN EPOLeafNodeTransferSiteLists
          2012-03-15 14:00:52 X #6812 DAL       ON (EPOLeafNode.TransferSiteListsID = EPOLeafNodeTransferSiteLists.AutoID) WHERE EPOLeafNode.AutoID = 63203

          2012-03-15 14:00:52 I #6812 NAIMSRV  Sending a Transfer sitelist.xml to agent OMXCND0470WPZL.

          2012-03-15 14:00:52 X #6812 DAL      Executing: SELECT [AutoID],[ParentID],[TheTimestamp],[ProductCode],[ProductVersion],[ProductSeria lNum],[EngineVer],[DATVer],[DATDate],[ExtraDatNames],[Language],[InstalledPath], [LicenseStatus],[ExpirationDate],[Hotfix],[Servicepack],[EngineVer64] FROM [dbo].[EPOProductProperties] WHERE ([ParentID]=63203)
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      Executing: EXEC EPOTask_GetMaxNodeTaskTimestamp 63203
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      Executing: EXEC EPOTask_GetAgentSupportedTasks 63203
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      Executing: EXECUTE EPOLeafNodeUser_GetCreateLeafNodeUser 63203,N''
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      SET @AutoID = 63203
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      SET @TheTimestamp = @@DBTS
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      SET NOCOUNT ON
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      UPDATE [dbo].[EPOLeafNode]
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      SET TheTimestamp=@TheTimestamp, LastMaxPolicyVersion=0x0000000054919EA9
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      WHERE AutoID = @AutoID
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 X #6812 DAL      SELECT nResult=0, TheTimestamp=@TheTimestamp, AutoID=@AutoID

          2012-03-15 14:00:53 I #6812 NAIMSRV  Deleting transferred system OMXCND0470WPZL from system tree
          2012-03-15 14:00:53 I #6812 NAIMSRV  Sending props response for agent OMXCND0470WPZL, policy files attached (Policy\Server.xml,SiteList.xml)

          2012-03-15 14:00:55 I #6652 NAIMSRV  Received [AgentPubKey] from OMXCND0470WPZL:{69ED0D44-9D5F-4C73-9F1C-24BD5B1F66E8}

          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      Executing: EXECUTE EPODirSort_SearchCreateComputer N'{69ED0D44-9D5F-4C73-9F1C-24BD5B1F66E8}',N'OMXCND0470WPZL',N'68b599ed7fea',N'O FFICEMAX',N'WNT7W:6:1:1'
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 I #6652 NAIMSRV  Added agent public key for OMXCND0470WPZL({69ED0D44-9D5F-4C73-9F1C-24BD5B1F66E8}) successfully!
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 I #6652 NAIMSRV  Processing agent props for OMXCND0470WPZL({69ED0D44-9D5F-4C73-9F1C-24BD5B1F66E8})
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      Executing: UPDATE [dbo].[EPOComputerProperties] SET
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [ComputerName] = N'OMXCND0470WPZL',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [DomainName] = N'OFFICEMAX',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [OSType] = N'Windows 7',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [OSVersion] = N'6.1',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [OSServicePackVer] = N'Service Pack 1',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [OSBuildNum] = 7601,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [OSOEMID] = N'00392-918-5000002-85975',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [CPUType] = N'Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU       M 520  @ 2.40GHz',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [CPUSpeed] = 2394,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [NumOfCPU] = 4,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [TotalPhysicalMemory] = 6223671296,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [FreeDiskSpace] = 21439,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [TotalDiskSpace] = 154648,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [SysvolFreeSpace] = 17374,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [SysvolTotalSpace] = 150568,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [TimeZone] = N'Central Standard Time',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [DefaultLangID] = N'0409',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [NetAddress] = N'68b599ed7fea',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [UserName] = N'i08126u',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [CPUSerialNum] = N'N/A',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [OSPlatform] = N'Workstation',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [FreeMemory] = 3216887808,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [IPHostName] = N'OMXCND0470WPZL.officemax.omx.com',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [IPXAddress] = N'N/A',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [IsPortable] = 1,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [OSBitMode] = 1,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [SystemDescription] = N'N/A',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [IPAddress] = N'',
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [IPV6] = 0x00000000000000000000FFFF0A322358,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [IPSubnet] = 0x00000000000000000000FFFF0A322200,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [IPSubnetMask] = 0x00000000000000000000FFFFFFFFFE00,
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      [LastAgentHandler] = 1
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 DAL      WHERE [ParentID] = 63204
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 NAIMSRV  Adding EEPC properties for OMXCND0470WPZL(63204)
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 NAIMSRV  Adding EPOAGENT3000 properties for OMXCND0470WPZL(63204)
          2012-03-15 14:00:55 X #6652 NAIMSRV  Adding HOSTIPS_8000 properties for OMXCND0470WPZL(63204)

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            Hi hebsmidth,


            If all the workstations do you wants to communicate the new ePO server ? just export the system details from server and add the systems to the new ePO server and deploy the agent now all the workstation will communicate the New ePO server.

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              Laszlo G

              Hi HerbSmith, what I did once was exporting al system tree from old ePO server to the new one.


              Then I transferred all systems (or just a little group if you want to make some tests) from old server to new one. The first thing you will see is that these computers will disappear from your old server and should appear under the new server after its next agent-to-server communication.


              But as this didn't work sometimes then I waited for the computers to disappear from old server and sent a wakeup call to all these computers from the new ePO server (because you already imported the system tree and so you're able to send a wakeup call even if they are not managed)

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                Thanks for the hints.   The exporting of the object from the old and importing only seems to bring over the machine name and it location in the tree.  I was hoping it would bring accross at least the tags and description.


                So far I have found that if I shut off the request for full props it helps.   It also helps if I transfer the object while it is in its default auto sort container. 


                This is what I have observed today after making a number of attempts on single machines and watching the agent logs and server.log

                The transfer button in ePO marks the machine for transfer, does not start anything

                At the next ASCI the machine picks up the transfer command.

                ePO then immediately deletes the object from ePO.  At this point all information custom to that object is gone.

                ePO then recieves back the reply from the agent for this AsCI cycle. 

                ePO then send a "REQUEST PUBLIC KEY" because it has no object for this client

                It then imports the machine back into the original ePO and sorts back to its default location, ie without benifit of any manually assigned tags.  It treats like a new machine, because to old epo it is.

                It then picks up a new policy for the McAfee agent with its ASCI

                At the end of that ASCI it then tries to contact some ePO again.

                I see two "REQUEST PUBLIC KEY" entries in the agent log separated by a few other items

                I then see lines says the management agent has shut down and restarted.

                A few more lines

                Then a seconds shutdown and restart

                few more lines

                Another "REQUEST PUBLIC KEY" 

                Some lines that indicate that a new polices are coming down  (A check of the new ePO console now shows the transfered system, a clean new object)

                I see the name new ePO server

                I see old policies being deleted and policies from the new ePO being added.

                At this point the object still exists in the old epo. and will until it is manually deleted, as nothing is talking to it.



                Why the deletion and addition of the system back into the sources ePO.  All this does is destroy information.  Does not seem to help the process along.  Does not help clean up.  I see no positive reason for this.


                Why all the "REQUEST PUBLIC KEY".   I would thing one from new ePO would be sufficient.


                When I register servers they have access into the ePO database of that system.  So the old ePO has access into the ePO database of the New ePO.   Why does it not just create the object in new ePO using the info it has.   It could carry over tag info and descriptive info.  If policy and task assignments have the same name it could carry them over.


                This process could be so much better.




                Herb Smith

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                  Response from McAfee support.   I posted the same information above to the ticket I had open with McAfee support.   This makes the function essentially usless in any large organization.   It will be simpler to just  send an install of the agent from the new ePO to the client.  At least then I still have the object in the old ePO to compare against for configuring the new client.  Again a feature with no substance behind it.


                  Herb Smith



                  Hello Herb,


                  Your straight forward transfer of systems without Agent Wake Up Calls, or any other form of manipulation works correctly.

                  You are correct, the system connecting into the new ePO server will not hold or carry with it any tags, tasks, or policies.

                  These (tags, tasks, policies) will need to be assigned, as with any new system into an ePO server."