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    How can I block Apple Devices (iPhone) on ePO v4.5?


      We just started enforcing the blocking of removable media in ePO. We created a USB rule filled with definitions to allow particular USB External Hard Drives on the network by Serial number, and to block the rest. It blocks iPods just fine, old, and new ipods (with the exception of the touch) fine, as it is shown as removable storage devices.


      Now here's the problem. iPod  Touch's, and iPhones are still able to be plugged in the network. I notice that they show up as Camera's/Scanners on Windows machines. I'm looking for a way to block these? And if I make a new rule with definition, will it be a Plug N Play Rule/Definition or a USB Removable Rule/Defintiion? Thanks for the help!



      On a side question, is there a way we can block devices by manufacterer, such as Apple devices in general? Or are Product ID's still required?

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