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    Renaming files on network volumes problem


      I have a problem and hope to find someone out there that already faced it.


      On Win XP clients with McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 and Novell Client on them, the file dates change to 01/01/1985 00:59 when renaming a text file or the extension of any file on a network volume on a OES2 SP3 server.


      This happens on both servers Netware 6.5 SP8 or OES2 SP3. There is no antivirus installed on the servers.


      The problem do not arise turning off the antivirus. Also, no problem with VirusScan 8.7.


      I tried to install/remove all the patches for the anvitvirus 8.8 with no success. The same for Novell Client: I updated it, downgraded it, but nothing seems to solve the problem.


      Any help or idea will be greatly appreciated!

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          Hi Jacky75,


          I have Netware 5.1 SP8 (fully patched) running at a customer site, along with VSE v8.8 SP1. Windows XP systems are running Novell Client v4.91 (SP2-5) and Windows 7 systems running Novell Client 2, SP2.


          I have not observed this problem.


          However, there may be some reasons why this is happening.


          I do Not scan Files on Network drives.


          As a temporary test, turn off scanning of files on Network drives and report back if this problem continues.



          Ron Metzger

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            If I set the option off, the problem do not arise. But as we need the desktops to scan network files they are using, to set the option off is not a viable solution. As I said, the servers do not have antivirus on them, so it's up to clients to control what they are doing and "check" each other's work.


            Please, could you try to make just one test enabling the network file scan just to know if the problem is just in my environment or it's more general?


            Thank you for the reply.

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              Hi Jacky,


              Sorry for the confusion; I never wanted to even suggest that this test was a solution, merely a test.


              My gut tells me that this is a locking issue with files. Maybe there is some subtle difference in the way VSE v8.8 is handling files on the network via the Novell Client APIs that v8.7i didn't have any problems with.


              A couple of things to consider would be whether Caching is turned on in the Novell Client. I would suggest turning this off.


              Another problem that I have encountered has to do with Opportunistic Locking. I turn this off as well. Though others may not agree with this strategy, my belief is that it has limited benefits at best, but when not working well, has odd behaviours like you are observing. I am not saying this is the cause, but I have had weird behaviours that no one else could identify a cause that was solved by turning off Opportunistic Locking.


              Unfortunately, OpLocks are a bit more difficult to turn off on Windows Vista, 2008, and 7. It requires turning off SMB2. Of course others may point out that this may break applications that require OpLocks to be operational all the time, such as Active Sync. However, I have not had problems with this yet. Your mileage may vary.


              As far as not having AV running on the servers: well, not a good idea, but like you, I do not have a working solution for Netware 5.1 using VSE. I do Scan the network weekly, and in some areas daily. So far, so good. Not ideal, but working. I don't particularly like the idea of every client side write to the server causing delays and large traffic on the network. Seems to slow everything down too much in my environment. And in this environment, the random locking issues are not a problem since we are not scanning in real time.


              In my clients environment, we have had our fair share of Fake Alert infections taking place. None of the files have ever reached our servers, nor has VSE allowed it to spread to other PCs. This seems to be our latest issue. VSE doesn't / hasn't solved this anyway. So, scanning on the networks for this environment, has not proved useful. (Today anyway.)


              I will ask, but I am not confident my client will allow me to make any of these changes to there environment, on your behalf. I will see what I can do.


              In the mean time, try turning off the caching in the client and report back what happens.


              Turning off OpLocks is a bit more drastic, and will require considerable regression testing in your environment.


              Let me know how it is going.


              Ron Metzger

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                Hi Ron,


                I really appreciate your help. I'm sorry for my English seeming maybe "harsh", it's not in my intent. It's not always easy to translate to a foreing language and impossible to bring feelings together a written word. (hope it makes sense as in Italian does) :-)


                I tried to turn off the file caching on a client, and again no success. I will give a try to the OpLocks too maybe on Monday.


                I tried every Novell Client for WinXP I had, from 4.83 to 4.91SP5IR1 with beta patches. No luck.


                I perfeclty understand that it won't be easy to make at test on my behalf, it's very kind of you just giving a try to do it.


                Thank you again.

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                  Hi Jacky75,


                  I might suggest doing the OpLocks changes over the weekend as you will need to make these changes to both the server and the clients. This will require a reboot to implement and you might not want to do this during production hours.


                  Before making the changes, record the current settings of the systems and save them to .reg files as you may need to revert back after the test. This should make the process easy if you find that it is needed.


                  Here are some links that might be helpful.


                  Turning Off Opportunistic Locking




                  Turning Off SMB v2.0 (for Vista and later, in order to turn OpLocks off above)



                  Sorry, I don't know the Italian links.



                  Ron Metzger


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                    We migrated from v8.7 to 8.8 two week ago.

                    Now we ran into the same problem with some of our Novell Server.


                    Have you found any solution for this issue?

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                      Yes, change the antivirus software.


                      Sorry for you Waslow, but McAfee just says that Novell servers are not considered in their lab tests and you can open an improvement request (that will be ignored).

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                        Thank you for the quick reply.

                        Changing the AV isn't a solution for us.

                        I try to open a Service Request and see what happens.


                        I keep this thread up to date if i got news.

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                          This problem seems to be really new and is solved by Novell ( releasedate of the fix: 2012-07-05 )

                          Here is a client hotfix that addresses this problem: http://support.novell.com/docs/Readmes/InfoDocument/patchbuilder/readme_5145970. html


                          McAfee doesn't investigate this issue at the moment, because Novell fixed this bug already.