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    McAfee EEFF Login Issue

    Hemant Koli



      I faced an Login Issue with McAfee EEFF ver. 5.2.5, as yesterday when it prompt me for login & i tried login with User name and password, but i dont know what was going wrong as it was not accepting my password i tried 2-3 times but no luck. And today morning when i tried login with same user name & password it accespted, So i want to find out what was the cause for this issue. Can we get this from logs??? i mean from which logs do i get detailed login information with error & warnings....


      Thanks in Advance


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          caps lock/num lock?


          No, there is no log of what password you typed, only that it was not the one the machine was prepared to accept.

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            Hemant Koli

            Hello Simon.


            Thanks for reply....


            No, caps lock/num lock........................

            Can you please explain "only that it was not the one the machine was prepared to accept" ????......

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              It was a polite way of saying there was a keyboard-chair interface problem.


              If the machine was disconnected all that time, nothing changed regarding your password on it, so the only difference between the attempts was what you typed.


              Maybe you just have a bad key on your keyboard? Next time, type your password into the user name box so you can be sure the machine is seeing correctly what you are typing.


              In eem, if you pull up your user audit, you should see the failed attempts - it simply means you were typing the incorrect password I'm afraid.