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    Agent not deployed to query in automation task

      I have EPO 4.5 patch 5 installed and the problem as described in article KB66257 should not appear to me.


      But it seems, that although I have the proper EPO version , a similar problem exist in my environment.


      I have a query which will list all UNMANAGED computers. When I run the query i see that some systems are in the list of the total 1965 unmanaged systems.

      But when I assign that same query to a Automation server task to deploy the agent, then it seems that the agent is not deployed to all the machines from the query.

      So it looks like the problem described in article KB66257.


      Is the list to big ? Is it a problem that I have almost 1965 unmanaged computers due to active directory polution ?


      Is there anyone who can help me out on this and tell me what is the POC workaround as mentioned in article KB66257 ?


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