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    How to UNSpam after using "Delete as Spam" Outlook Add-in?


      Last night I was checking emailon Outlook 2007 for work and I got a spam email. I clicked the "Delete as Spam" button, but then accidentally click on an email 2 below that, and it took all three emails and sent them off as spam to 'das@mxlogic.com'

      The problem is that 2 of them are definately NOT spam. 1 is from a Sales Rep for my company and the other is from a site which sends me Job orders.

      I went to https://console.mcafeesaas.com/ and put both of their email addresses in as "Allowed Senders" but I'd really rather have a way of UNdoing it.

      When I get spam, I am never alerted until I get a Spam Quarantine Report email after midnight. No spam is sent to me once I get it. It shows up in the console.

      Is the only way possible to take them off the Allowed, wait until they send me an email and then select "Always Allow" or is there another method? Those emails are of a time sensitive nature when i get them and constantly checking for them isn't the easist thing with my hectic work schedule.


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