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    Backup config to other location

      Im looking for a way to schedule a backup job of the config like once a day or something like that. Is it possible?

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          Hi codedriver,


          Is this in reference to version 7.0? If so, under the System menu, look at System Administration / Configuration Management you will find Backup Configuration. You can configure automatic backup to a remote location (FTP / SSH) according to a schedule, and what other data in addition to the config should be backed up.


          I added a screen shot for your reference.


          Hope this helps.

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            Hi all,

            We're looking for a way to do a CLI Backup of the MEG7, do you know how to do this?

            Since we're using a backup script which is started from a management station we're looking for a CLI backup.

            In MWG7 we also could do it with the /opt/mwg/bin/mwg-coordinator, so how to proceed in MEG7.


            Thank you for any hint.