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    mcshield.exe CPU %50 at random, autocad

      Ok, its going to be hard to explain this and hopefully some people here have experianced this and know the fix. So, our problem we are having is at random it seem, mcshield.exe starts running and uses up 50% of the cpu for a minute or two. In the process of doing this it locks up the computer until its done doing its thing. Now i cant seem to figure out is causing this to happen. Ive tried to watch the on-access scan stats to see if its hanging on a certain file or whatever but nothing is being consistent here.

      This is affecting the bread and butter computers of our company which run AutoCad products and is becoming a serious enough issue where we are thinking of turning off the on-access scanner completly since it seems to be the culprit here. Right now we turned off the "on-read" part of the on-access scanner to midigate the issue but its not totally gone.

      So far mcafee support has only pointed me towards their documentation that hasent helped at all. So if anyone can explain on why at random it seems mcshield.exe takes 20% or 50% of the cpu for a minute or two please chime in and let me know what you did to solve this. Also if anyone can show me best pratices for the on-access scanner for autocad products that would also help alot.

      Thanks, i will provide any information you need to help solve this.