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        Dave and others,


        The General options thing worked sort of but when I changed it back the ta with babylone came right back.  There is some code floating around that this thing propogates.  I have tried Spybot S&D and it has removed most of the junk from this toolbar but it does not currently get it all.  Even after reportign sucess.


        As for being legit.  NOWAY.  I'm not sure where it came from either.  It may have been from a cnet down load.  I won't use them again since this seems to be SOP to allow toolbars to be download with actual useful programs.


        I have removed from the add remove programs.  I have uninstalled this search from the IE addins and it is still their some how.  This is definitely Mcafee should address because I can not seem to get rid of it through normal  methods. 


        Mcafee please come up with a tool or a method or option or something to get rid of this unwanted program!

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          There are many removal guides on the web but this seems a good one:




          I've seen Babylon as an optional download with several pieces of software I've installed over the years.


          I would say it's more nuisanceware rather than anything malicious.

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            I tried the Spyot S&D portion to get rid of this persitant program.  But I still need to run one (and/or all) of the other SpyBot tools.

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              Well I tried the Spybot RunAnlyser program.  It could be just me since I am not familar with how it works but this program to the best of my knowledge did not see anything concerning the babylon search.  Yet  this blasted piece of code still thrives in some dark corner of my computer system.  Must try again tonight and waste more time for a program that is suppose to OK.  If it were OK I should not need to try this hard to get rid of it. 


              Once again Mcaffe I ask for help me to remove this program completely.

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                You could try running Hijackthis and post its log at BleepingComputer or somewhere similar for expert analysis...tell them you can't get rid of this pest.


                Full details of where to download and post are mentioned near the bottom of this document:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168  just look for the big blue header Hijackthis.









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                  Other than that all I can think of is doing a registry search for babylon but that usually takes a couple of hours at least and is very fiddley.   It's up to you, I can explain that procedure if you want.

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                    Thanks.  I will look into the Hijackthis option first.  It still seems like this is something Mcafee should address.  I spent a lot of time last night looking for how to get rid of this pest program and I am certainly not alone as evidenced by all the users posting questions on how to get rid of this.

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                      I've asked about that and the verdict was that Babylon is legitimate, although perhaps it should be reviewed. 

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                        This issue is gettting more serious than previously thougt.  I have moved from annoying to virus.  While attemting to access mcaffe web site to get to this page I clicked on the Google search type Mcafee.the list came up I clicked on the mcafee.com and look at the link I was redirected to.  I am currently running full spybot and anti-virus stuff but clearly this shoud not be happening.


                        http://buy-static.norton.com/norton/ps/3up_us_en_navnis360_nbfr.html?om_sem_cid= hho_sem_sy:us:adm:en:e|kw0000051122|_admp10154_773906273


                        On another site I was redirected from a site that mcafee said was fine to one that Mcafee warned me about.  This may or may not be related to this babylon search but it sure seem like that are related based on the timing of all this. 


                        Do you still think babylon is harmless?

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                          Try doing the suggestion I made in post #14 and if you already did that try it and post on a different forum.

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