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    Babylon Search, need to remove

      Some how Babylon Search is now part of my TABs on IE 8. I've unistalled Babylon from

      my  Programs. I've been through my computer

      and have deleted other files that Babylon had in my system, but yet the Babylon Search remains,

      anyone know how to be rid of Babylon Search on my Tabs?

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          Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting is a document published by McAfee which will assist you in removing this malware. Be sure to follow the suggestions that are applicable for your computer and also run the McAfee stinger scan which is mentioned.


          In the event the issue persists you may also want to try running the free version of this program by www.malwarebytes.org When you have the program installed check for the latest updates and scan your system and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the machine when promoted to do so.


          Let us know if anything here resolves your issue and good luck.

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            Peter M

            Did you reboot after uninstalling it?   It's legitimate and installs with such stuff as Incredimail or other software.


            Going from memory as I'm using IE9 but it should be the same.


            Open IE8 and go to Tools/manage Add-ons


            Under one of the sections, probably Search providers it should be listed and if you highlight it it should be removable.

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              When are You going to get rid of that babylon, there are lot of unsatisfied users because of it?

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                Peter M

                It's not malware.  It's an optional download with quite a wide range of software and all it takes is you to uncheck the option when installing said software...or uninstalling it afterwards.


                Nothing to do with McAfee at all.




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                  still haven't solved the problem, with using the suggestions offered, besides the 'safe mode' option.

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                    Hi marcefay,

                    I too have been dealing with the babylon issue for the last couple of days.  I disagree with the moderators responses. 
                    In my case I have been using Windows XP Professional and Internet Exporer 8.  I also update my malware and virus programs and scan my computers on a weekly basis.  That said I last did all of these things on 031212.  I noticed babylon was installed on 031612.  It was not an optional download of any kind.  I have no idea where it came from. 
                    Here is what I noticed:
                    Babylon does not appear in Add/Remove Programs
                    Babylon does not appear in C:\Program Files
                    Remove option is disabled in IE>Tools>Manage Add-ons>Search Providers
                    System Restore had been disabled
                    Previous restore points deleted
                    I realize there are people who believe that this program is not malicious.  Having a computer programming background– this seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through to make this program undetectable
                    and very difficult to remove for something that has no malicious intent.  I also think that companies like McAffee, Symantec, and Microsoft should pay more attention to this issue.  I understand that babylon started as a legitimate company – something is not right.  It is possible that someone has produced some malicious code to appear legitimate.
                    Here is what I did:
                    If you have never worked with registry settings before I would strongly recommend getting help with the registry steps.
                            These steps are for XP Professional
                    Go to Start>Run
                    Type regedit in the Open window
                    Click OK button or <Enter>
                    From the Registry Editor Menu
                    Select Edit>Find
                    Type babylon (case sensitive) in the Find what window
                    Make sure Keys, Values, and Data checkboxes are all checked
                    Uncheck Match whole string only
                    Click Find Next button or <Enter>
                    The left side of the pane will highlight the appropriate key value blue
                    From the Registry Editor Menu
                    Select File>Export
                    When the Export Registry File dialog box opens
                    Save the file to your desktop
                    This steps saves some time and trouble in the event the settings later need to be restored
                    From the Registry Editor Menu – Make sure the key value is still highlighted
                    Select Edit>Delete
                    You may have to complete the find, export, and delete steps more than once to get rid of all the babylon settings out of the registry.  Just remember to rename the export files something different each time if needed – like add a number 1, 2, or 3 after each one.
                    Close all open windows
                    Go to IE>Tools>Manage Add-ons>Search Providers you should now be able to remove babylon
                    Close IE
                    Re-open IE and babylon should be gone!  YEAH!!
                    Check your most used programs to make sure everything works appropriately
                    Send the exported registry files (on your desktop) to the recycle bin
                    Keep the files in the recycle bin for a couple of weeks – in some odd event you would want or need to restore them
                    Empty the recycle bin
                    Check System Restore settings
                    These steps are for XP Professional
                    Start>right click My Computer
                    Select Properties
                    On the System Restore tab
                    Uncheck Turn Off System Restore
                    This will create a new restore point
                    Unfortunately any previous restore points are deleted when this setting is enabled
                    Hope this helps – Good Luck!


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                      I figured it out. Go to "Tools--Internet Options--General" then look down to see the wording--"Change How Webpages are Shown in Tabs" clck on there, at the bottom it shows 3 different options of how to use the TABS. I took the last one. Babylon Search is gone!!!

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                        This works. hank you.

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