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    McAfee Constant 443 Connection

      Does anyone know why there would be a near constant https (port 443) connection between my computer and a McAfee server?


      When I run netstat -an, I see a constant connection between one of the listening ports on my computer and a mcafee ip address that resolves to mcafee-gw.customer.alter.net


      I'm curious as to what's going on here. If it makes an difference, I have McAfee 2011 AntiVirus Plus.



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          Maybe something related to ubdates, why do You care?


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            "Maybe something related to ubdates, why do You care?"


            I care because I make a habit out of investigating strange connections between my computer and other systems. In short, I like to know who/what has their fingers in my computer.


            I know it was not updating because I had just gotten the message it had finished updating. I suppose it's possible that mcafee opens a constant link to check constantly for updates and if that's the case I'm okay with it...I'd just like to confirm that what it really is.

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              Peter M

              The SecurityCenter does constantly poll for software updates as well as DAT (VirusScan) updates.   The exact workings are a trade secret I'm afraid.


              Technical Support might be able to enlighten you further.  It's a free phone call or you can use Online Chat - linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.