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    Performance Tuning Tips for LabEnvironment




      I have a WebGateway running in my lab to test some configs, compatibility issues and so on...

      There are less than 10 systems (win2008 server, win7, ipad, iphone, ...) using the web gateway as proxy.

      But they are not using the web gateway each day intensiv.

      As stated above, it´s just a lab...


      To me it seems, that each first attempt to reach a website takes some time. As if the web gateway is coming back from standby.

      (I am not using an proxy authentication.)


      So, what I am looking for is for some tuning tips, to make the web gateway as fast as possible for this small environment.

      What could/should I check or change?


      My Web Gateway is running as a virtual appliance on esxi5.


      The esxi server has a i5 2400m cpu, 8gb ddr-3 ram and two SATA HDDs.


      I sized the virtual appliance as followed:

      Is this sufficient?



      - 1 virutal socket

      - 1 vitual core per socket

      RAM: 1024MB

      HDD: 20GB (thin provisioned)


      In ESX config:

      What can I change to make the Web Gateway faster?

      - should I change cpu settings?

      - should I give more ram?

      - should I change hdd from thin to thick?


      In Web Gateway config:

      - should I disable caching?

      - should I do someting with DNS?


      Best Regards,