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    DIsable Access Protection

      We are running VS 8.5i ...Is there a way to disable Access Protection? I need to temporarily disable it to test an application we are having problems with. The vendor is INSISTING it is Virus Scan Access Protection :confused: causing the problem and I'd rather be able to disable it than have to remove Virus Scan.

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          If you can't be bothered figuring out the access protection policy settings then you couls always simply stop all the McAFee related Services on the client.....

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            Just making sure.. On a single, local machine, to disable "Access Protection" policies, RIGHT click on the McAfee shield in the lower right, choose "Virus Scan Console", then RIGHT click on the "Access Protection" section, choose "Disable".. If it won't disable from there, double click on the "Access Protection" listing, then UNCHECK the box in the lower left that says: Prevent McAfee Services From Being stopped", then click on "Apply", then UNCHECK the box in the upper left with says: "Enable Access Protection".

            Remember though, if you're using ePO on your system, the settings change will generally only remain until the computer is rebooted.

            Hope this helps.

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              Grif - won't thE Epo AV Policies in fact get "re-enforced" at the next policy enforcement interval ? :confused:

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                I expect it will. But still usual delay between policy enforcement is about 10-20 minutes (defined at Server).
                So that still gives one 10-20 minutes to do an install and/or test whether some performance issue remains when OAS (or any VSE functionality) is disabled.

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                  Yep, you're right.

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                    Which Access protection will normally stop you doing ... (if configured!).

                    Quite easy to 'neuter' a computer from EPO management if required by doing a re-install of the McAfee Agent in an unmanaged state.